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Cookie policy


Cookies are text files that are lodged in the visitor's terminal with certain information about their visit. For more information regarding cookies, the following links are available:

– Wikipedia entry on cookies.

– Explanatory technical document on cookies.



In general, browsers have various configuration options in relation to cookies, that allow you to adjust various levels of privacy, so that for example, you may reject all cookies sent by a Website or even remove any cookies that might have been saved. To change these settings you can request help from the manufacturer or check the following documentation:

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer y Safari.
IOS, Android, Blackberry y Windows Phone.

In the event that the user restricts or blocks any or all of the cookies in this website, some of the features or services rendered may not available.


a) Analytics: Cookies served through the Google Analytics tool to analyse the use made by visitors of our pages and our website in order to collect statistical data and improve these spaces.

b) Session: Cookies served through a Web page that allow you to personalize the user experience, enable social discounts, collect information for the analytics panels of the Web administrator and to allow the reservation session on the site sales platform.

Uso de cookies

Este sitio web utiliza cookies, si continúa navegando está dando su consentimiento para el uso de cookies y la aceptación de nuestra política de cookies.

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